Storage Tips for Students

Welcome Students!  Congratulations on finishing up your year.  If you have been with us before, don’t forget to bring in your lock to be entered in a fun drawing.  If you are new to storage, we have some tips to help you put your things away for the summer.

Choosing a Room Size
A 5×10 storage room is perfect for most students. A 5×10 comfortably fits a mattress and box spring, a futon, a few boxes or totes, and a mini-fridge. Looking to save a little money? Consider sharing a storage room with a friend. Only have books or a few items? Ask about our locker options for a great deal!

Temperature Control or Drive Up Access?
Our temperature controlled rooms are kept at a moderate temperature and are great for an added level of protection for more delicate and treasured belongings. We recommend temperature control storage when storing leather furniture, electronics, musical instruments, books, photographs, and artwork. Our drive up rooms are super convenient and are great for storing most household items.

Preparing Your Stuff
Make sure you defrost and clean your fridge and microwave before storing and wipe it completely dry. The defrost process can take a couple days so be sure to plan ahead. Always store your refrigerator in an upright position to protect the compressor. Leave the door slightly ajar when you place it in storage. Following these precautions will protect your appliances so that you can rely on them next year when you return to school.

Protect Your Belongings
By following some simple best practice recommendations for self storage you can ensure that your items are protected. Pack all your smaller items into boxes or totes. We have some great specials for discounted boxes and supplies and would be happy to help you pick out the essentials. In hot and humid Iowa summers damp checks are a life saver! For each month you plan to store we recommend using one damp check for every 50 square feet. We also suggest using mattress covers when storing your mattress. Before placing your items in storage, it is important to put a plastic drop cloth down as a barrier between the concrete and your belongings and/or to place your items on pallets.

Do I Need Insurance?
Yes!  If it’s important enough to store, it’s important enough to insure! Our rental agreement asks that all guests have insurance on their belongings for your own protection. Almost all of our student guests choose the $9.00 a month premium for $2,000 worth of coverage.

Opening and Closing Your Storage Room
The door to your storage room is similar to a garage door and will roll up when lifted. First you will need to slide the latch to the left to release the door. If the latch feels tight and won’t move easily then step on the handle. Putting pressure on the handle with your foot should allow the latch to move with more ease. Once the latch is released you can pull up on the door to open it. When you are done pull down the door and reengage the latch by sliding it the the right. Make sure you get the latch slid all the way over before putting your lock on. Questions? Give us a ring and we are happy to assist!


Please park parallel next to your storage room rather than perpendicular.  That allows other guests to easily drive around your vehicle and there is less risk of damaging the building.


When you return for the summer and are ready to move out…

Please take everything out of your room, including trash to avoid a cleaning fee.  The lock and keys are yours to keep.  Please take them with you so that we know you are finished with the storage space.  Stay tuned for a great special to continue to rent your 5 x 10 for the winter months.  Store your scooter or bike when the weather gets cold or to store items you cannot fit in your apartment or residence hall.


Mailbox Solutions Are Here!

Do you run a small business from your home and want to protect your privacy?  Will that package left on your front porch be there when you get home?  We’ve all been there, expecting a document or package only to find a pastel colored notice in our mailbox or stuck in our door reminding us we weren’t home to sign for it.  We understand and we think we can help!

Consider renting a mailbox at our Tiffin, Coralville, or North Liberty store!

Personal Mailboxes


Here’s some food for thought:

  • 24 hour access lets you pick up your mail whenever it’s convenient.
  • A real street address can be more beneficial than a P.O Box.  The U.S. Postal Service doesn’t accept mail from carriers such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL.  Any carrier can deliver to your mailbox with us.
  • We accept mail and packages and sign on your behalf so you never miss a delivery.
  • Our stores are staffed six days a week.
  • Mailboxes are available in three sizes in Coralville and one size in North Liberty and Tiffin.
  • If you move (locally anyway!) you don’t need to change your address.
  • Keep your business and personal mail separate.  Having a separate business address away from your home can prevent unsolicited sales “drop-ins” and help preserve your work-home balance.
  • If you’re new to the area and not sure where to settle down, our mailbox rental terms start at 3 months.  We also offer a 6 month or 1 year option.  They’re super easy to set up and with the first two months absolutely free right now, it’s worth a try!

Tiffin Update

Hey Iowa City!  Need extra space?  Check us out in Tiffin.  We’re practically your neighbors just down the street (I-80).  You’ll be able to see us from the interstate, and we’re just minutes from downtown and so many Iowa City Neighborhoods!

Don’t have memories for us to store just yet?  Keep is in mind for when you do.   Even if you don’t need extra space just yet, it’s worth the trip to come take a ride on this guy!  (Bring your child—or your inner-child.)

Ride Trigger!

Ride Trigger! (dime provided)

Thanks for checking in!  See you soon!

Coming Soon!

We are pleased to announce that we are extending our self-storage solutions to our neighbors in Tiffin! Construction has started at 202 Village Drive, just off Interstate 80. We will post updates this summer as we make progress toward our opening in September!

Tiffin will be home to some of our largest-ever storage rooms on a semi-friendly property. We’re very excited to soon offer drive-up storage options with amenities better suited for car and boat storage.

We are now accepting inquiries for Tiffin and would love to take your name if you’re interested in storing with us! Please don’t hesitate to contact us at, or by calling our stores. We look forward to hearing from you!