Drive Up Storage: Convenience & Value!

Drive Up Storage rooms are quick to load and unload, making them ideal for short-term storage.  Unlike our premium temperature control storage rooms, these do not have any insulation.  That means you can expect them to be a similar temperature as the outside temp on any given day.  Normally, we recommend our drive up storage for items that will not be effected by extreme heat, cold, or any fluctuations in humidity.  In the summertime, however, many people need storage for a month or two in between moves or while renovating a home.  Drive up rooms are a great value and we offer a couple great products to help further protect your items.

Use one of our Dust Covers or Drop Cloths to cover the floor of your room. If the concrete sweats due to humid, wet weather, you will have a plastic barrier between moisture and your belongings.

This “Green” refillable absorbs several times its own weight in excess moisture in the air. We recommend at least 1 per 50 square feet.











Drive Up Self Storage rooms are great for long term storage if the items you are storing are not affected by temperature or humidity shifts.

  • patio furniture
  • vehicles
  • bicycles and outdoor toys
  • tools and appliances
  • Items that can be exposed to extreme cold or heat without damage

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