Spring Cleaning


As the weather starts to warm up it is the perfect time to bust open those windows and let some fresh air inside!  With a little decluttering and a good deep clean your indoor spaces will be spring fresh in no time.  Here is a checklist to help you tackle the infamous spring clean…

Start with the garage. It’s always the last space I want to do, so if I make a point to start here I know it will get the attention it deserves.  Stash away the snow shovels and snow blower and get the mower out and serviced.  It’s nearly time to get patio furniture back out. I especially enjoy lunch on the deck this time of year, while the bugs are still at a minimum.

Whether inside or in the garage, decluttering is key. Let your home be a living space not a storage space.  We have all kinds of storage options available, stop in to see one of our storage counselors to find the right space for you.  Once you’ve stored and organized the clutter, deep cleaning will be a breeze.

Give all the windows around the house a good clean both indoors and out. It’s the perfect excuse to get outside for a few minutes!

Dust all surfaces, and wash the walls and baseboards. Wipe down cabinetry.  Wash curtains and other linens.

Change your air filters and check your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

Shampoo the carpets, it always shocks me how much dirt and dust they hold. It’s a great time to move all the furniture and vacuum underneath, maybe do a little rearranging while you are at it.

Don’t forget about your appliances. Clean the oven, the exhaust hood, inside out outside of the refrigerator (including the top and rear), the dishwasher, and look up manufacturer suggestions for cleaning your washer.

Made it through the spring clean?  Celebrate your accomplishments and splurge on some fresh flowers.  Nothing says spring like the colors and scents of flowers! 


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