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It’s Officially Sweater Weather!

Hello Friends!

It’s that time of year again.  The wrap up of fall sports, the arrival of pumpkin everything, and just one week to go until it feels dark out by the middle of the afternoon!  There are several ways that Quality Care Storage can help you prepare your home, closet, patio, garage and even vehicles for the fall and rapidly approaching winter months.

Packed Closet?

Chances are your closets are still full of all of summer’s clothing essentials. However, it’s time to start thinking about sweaters and jackets. We are here to help! Make room in your closets and dressers by renting one of our new Aromatic Cedar Closets in North Liberty.  Complete with a hanging rod and shelf, these small storage rooms feature the wonderful smell (as well as pest-deterring properties of Cedar wood.)  Aside from clothing, these rooms are a perfect size for small collections or memorabilia that you do not have a spot for in your home.

Who Wants to Park the Car They Drive Daily Outside in the Freezing Cold?

Make room in your garage for your car!  If you are anything like us, scraping your windows on a frosty fall morning or getting soaked from a torrential fall rain is not your idea of a good start to the day!  To make sure that your car windows will never be frosted over, consider clearing out your garage of the excess sports equipment, camping gear, and other things you will not use again until spring.  We have spaces large and small and great winter specials for seasonal storage.

Wishing you had an EXTRA garage stall?

Maybe your prized classic car is a mint condition ’61 Corvette? Or is it possibly a not so mint, but still equally prized ’67 VW Bus? No matter what make or model your classic car might be, keeping it out of the winter elements is always a top priority. Come in today and take a look at one of our drive up temperature controlled storage rooms Quality Care Storage in Tiffin. The Tiffin location is conveniently located just off of Exit 237 on Interstate 80 westbound. Stop by any time, we would love to show you some storage rooms to house your prized classic car.