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Spring Cleaning


As the weather starts to warm up it is the perfect time to bust open those windows and let some fresh air inside!  With a little decluttering and a good deep clean your indoor spaces will be spring fresh in no time.  Here is a checklist to help you tackle the infamous spring clean…

Start with the garage. It’s always the last space I want to do, so if I make a point to start here I know it will get the attention it deserves.  Stash away the snow shovels and snow blower and get the mower out and serviced.  It’s nearly time to get patio furniture back out. I especially enjoy lunch on the deck this time of year, while the bugs are still at a minimum.

Whether inside or in the garage, decluttering is key. Let your home be a living space not a storage space.  We have all kinds of storage options available, stop in to see one of our storage counselors to find the right space for you.  Once you’ve stored and organized the clutter, deep cleaning will be a breeze.

Give all the windows around the house a good clean both indoors and out. It’s the perfect excuse to get outside for a few minutes!

Dust all surfaces, and wash the walls and baseboards. Wipe down cabinetry.  Wash curtains and other linens.

Change your air filters and check your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

Shampoo the carpets, it always shocks me how much dirt and dust they hold. It’s a great time to move all the furniture and vacuum underneath, maybe do a little rearranging while you are at it.

Don’t forget about your appliances. Clean the oven, the exhaust hood, inside out outside of the refrigerator (including the top and rear), the dishwasher, and look up manufacturer suggestions for cleaning your washer.

Made it through the spring clean?  Celebrate your accomplishments and splurge on some fresh flowers.  Nothing says spring like the colors and scents of flowers! 


Tackling the Clutter

If you are anything like me, your dining room table has a tendency to collect clutter amid the hustle and bustle of daily life.  Why is that?  For me it is the things that just don’t have a place that tend to find their way to the table.  An organized and clutter free space really does contribute to lower stress levels.

Creating intentional, convenient spaces makes all the difference when trying to tackle the clutter.  Here’s some tips from our storage experts:

Get a mail organizer.  Look for wall mount to save counter space.  If the mail has a place to go, it won’t find its way to the table.

Get a coat rack, or a rack/cubby combo.  I like to think my kids will take the time to hang their coats in the closet when coming inside, but let’s be honest, half the time I don’t either.  Coats tend to get hung on the back of dining room chairs while hats and gloves end up on the table.  After a couple days it has turned into a pile.    Racks and cubbies just inside the door offer a convenient, organized alternative.

Find a spot for keys.  A decorative dish, or series of hooks just inside the door.  Once keys end up on the table it can be a headache to locate them when you need them.

Create a charging station for your devices.  There are some really neat charging station organizers out there.  It’s worth the investment!

Consider a buffet, armoire, or secretary.  Let’s face it, no matter how well intentioned you might be, life happens.  Having the right furniture makes all the difference.

Store anything infrequently used.  Kitchen and entryway space is prime real estate.  Pack up and store anything you don’t use regularly.  Fine china used once a year?  While displaying in a hutch or stacking in a buffet is tempting, those spaces can go to better use storing the things you use daily.

Our lobbies carry a full selection of packing supplies, give us a ring and our storage counselors can help you figure out how best to pack.  And if you find yourself in need of a little extra space we have a plethora of options to choose from!  We can help you choose the perfect storage space for your needs and for optimum value, we make storage simple.

We’re At Your (Self-)Service Too!

For your convenience, we offer guests a variety of options to rent rooms and pay rent!

We’re Here For You!

Our team is eager to assist you in determining the best storage option to fit your needs.  Or if you’re already a guest, we can help answer questions and are at your service to make your experience storing with us terrific from day one.

Do It-Your Self Options

Our kiosks and website are always available resources to our guests, should you need to make a payment, get account information (like if you forget your gate code), or rent more space!

Kiosks are located in Coralville, Tiffin, and North Liberty

Kiosk vestibules are open 24/7! Rentals & Payments at your convenience!

The self-service payment and rental kiosks accept all major credit cards, checks, and cash.  (The kiosks do not dispense change for cash payments; the change owed will show up as prepayment towards next month’s rent).

You can make secure, quick payments via our website

If you are reading this, you’ve likely browsed our website and seen some of the packing and moving tips.  You can also access your account, make a payment, update contact information, and more anytime day or night.

And Remember…

Use our self-service Kiosk to rent storage, pay rent, or look up your gate code!

Our friendly team is at your service every day and happy to help over the phone or in person.

Drive-Up Temperature Control: Convenience & Protection!

Need some help Determining what Temperature Control option is right for you?

Drive up temperature control storage combines the best of both worlds;  protection & convenience!









Consider Drive-Up Temperature Control if your storage needs fit into any of the following categories;

  • Short Term Move:  Moving your items into and out of storage is faster when you access your room from the driveway.  Simply parallel park next to the building, roll up your insulated door, and unload items into a heated/cooled storage space.  In comparison, our interior access temperature control require rolling items into a building and down a short hallway to your room.  Therefore, it takes longer to move in and move out.
  • Oversize Items:  Storing a piano?  Large sectional?  Anything that is cumbersome or impossible to fit into a walk-in door is best suited for drive up temperature control.
  • Vehicles: An extra layer of protection over our standard drive-up rooms!  Now vehicles, motorcycles, scooters, and other toys can be stored in the equivalent of an insulated garage!
  • Frequent Access & Business Storage:  Drive-Up Temperature Control may be an excellent choice for businesses or individuals who need quick and easy access to items in the room such as inventory and supplies.

Temperature Control Storage: The Ultimate Comfort!

Heated during the winter and cooled during the summer, temperature controlled storage makes the move as comfortable for you as for your belongings!

Ideal for:

  • musical instruments, electronic equipment
  • photographs, artwork and art supplies
  • furniture, books, and business files.
  • Long-term storage
  • Estate storage
  • Business inventory
  • During seasons that experience extreme temps/temp variation


Temperature Control Benefits:

Insulated:  More protection against extreme temperature changes for items being stored.

Well-lit hallways & Interiors: Lights inside the buildings are on motion detectors so it’s bright and welcoming as you enter.

Comfort:  Organize and sort through your items any time of day regardless of weather.  It’s always comfortable inside of our temperature control buildings.

Carts Provided: For your convenience carts are provided to move your items in and out of our temperature control buildings.

Stick With It! Choosing the Right Tape

Using Recycled content boxes? Not all tape sticks well to recycled fibers! Choose this tape to be sure your boxes stay sealed. Made in USA.

Protect your furniture with bubble wrap. Use this non-marking tape to secure padding and other protection to your items. It will not mark your items or leave residue like other tape will. Not for sealing boxes.

Made in USA of 100% Natural Gum Rubber. This tape will seal and stay sealed in the hottest, coldest, and even humid, wet conditions. The toughest tape we sell.

This tape is a shipping industry leader. You can write on it. You don’t need a tape dispenser to use it. Perfect for shipping and storing.

Drive Up Storage: Convenience & Value!

Drive Up Storage rooms are quick to load and unload, making them ideal for short-term storage.  Unlike our premium temperature control storage rooms, these do not have any insulation.  That means you can expect them to be a similar temperature as the outside temp on any given day.  Normally, we recommend our drive up storage for items that will not be effected by extreme heat, cold, or any fluctuations in humidity.  In the summertime, however, many people need storage for a month or two in between moves or while renovating a home.  Drive up rooms are a great value and we offer a couple great products to help further protect your items.

Use one of our Dust Covers or Drop Cloths to cover the floor of your room. If the concrete sweats due to humid, wet weather, you will have a plastic barrier between moisture and your belongings.

This “Green” refillable absorbs several times its own weight in excess moisture in the air. We recommend at least 1 per 50 square feet.











Drive Up Self Storage rooms are great for long term storage if the items you are storing are not affected by temperature or humidity shifts.

  • patio furniture
  • vehicles
  • bicycles and outdoor toys
  • tools and appliances
  • Items that can be exposed to extreme cold or heat without damage

Moving in Iowa this Summer?

It’s Moving Season!   3 Tips for a Stress-Free Experience

  1.  Pack Strategically

How you pack your moving truck, your storage space, and what order you unpack can make or break a stressful move.  By planning ahead you can be sure that the items that you need to access first (think kitchen essentials, toiletries, and the items to set up your bedroom) are easy to reach.  Labeling boxes (on the side, not the top) and packing in sections by room helps the process go smoothly.  Color code your boxes by room using stickers.  Use as many medium size boxes as you can.  It makes packing a moving truck more efficient than multiple sizes, it’s safer for stacking, and they are not too big to carry.  Small boxes are best for heavy items.  Be sure you consider extra tough boxes and good quality tape, especially for heavy items or fragile goods.

2.  Time-Savers

Consume your frozen and refrigerated foods in the days (or weeks) leading up to moving day.  Or, give your frozen goods to a neighbor.  The last thing you want to do is spend time cleaning out your freezer.  Defrost your fridge at least a day before.  Make child-care or pet-care arrangements so that your focus can be on the move.  Take pictures of your setup before you pack!  If you are having a moving company help, these pictures will help you set up your new space provided you want a similar layout.  In the event of any damage during the move, pictures will also be helpful if you need to make an insurance claim.  If you’re renting photos of your old place before you move out and your new place before you move in can help assure you get your deposit back.

3.  Be kind to yourself

Get enough sleep.  Drink enough water.  Eat balanced meals.  And don’t live on coffee.


If you’d like more tips, we’re always here to help!


It’s Officially Sweater Weather!

Hello Friends!

It’s that time of year again.  The wrap up of fall sports, the arrival of pumpkin everything, and just one week to go until it feels dark out by the middle of the afternoon!  There are several ways that Quality Care Storage can help you prepare your home, closet, patio, garage and even vehicles for the fall and rapidly approaching winter months.

Packed Closet?

Chances are your closets are still full of all of summer’s clothing essentials. However, it’s time to start thinking about sweaters and jackets. We are here to help! Make room in your closets and dressers by renting one of our new Aromatic Cedar Closets in North Liberty.  Complete with a hanging rod and shelf, these small storage rooms feature the wonderful smell (as well as pest-deterring properties of Cedar wood.)  Aside from clothing, these rooms are a perfect size for small collections or memorabilia that you do not have a spot for in your home.

Who Wants to Park the Car They Drive Daily Outside in the Freezing Cold?

Make room in your garage for your car!  If you are anything like us, scraping your windows on a frosty fall morning or getting soaked from a torrential fall rain is not your idea of a good start to the day!  To make sure that your car windows will never be frosted over, consider clearing out your garage of the excess sports equipment, camping gear, and other things you will not use again until spring.  We have spaces large and small and great winter specials for seasonal storage.

Wishing you had an EXTRA garage stall?

Maybe your prized classic car is a mint condition ’61 Corvette? Or is it possibly a not so mint, but still equally prized ’67 VW Bus? No matter what make or model your classic car might be, keeping it out of the winter elements is always a top priority. Come in today and take a look at one of our drive up temperature controlled storage rooms Quality Care Storage in Tiffin. The Tiffin location is conveniently located just off of Exit 237 on Interstate 80 westbound. Stop by any time, we would love to show you some storage rooms to house your prized classic car.


You asked, we listened! Introducing a brand new type of storage!

Many guests have commented over the years on how they love standard drive up storage rooms because they make the move quick and are a great value.  Others praise temperature control for the extra protection for belongings that standard uninsulated storage simply cannot compare to.  After all, we do live in the Midwest.  Weather is a large part of our every day lives and we adjust to it all the time.  Some prefer that their things in storage don’t have to.

“Drive Up Temperature Control” is a brand new type of storage solution that we are so excited about.  For the first time, our guests can store items (like a piano!)  that would not go into traditional temperature control storage because they were too large to fit into walk in doors.  Now in both Tiffin and North Liberty guests have the option to choose temperature control storage with the easy access of a roll up insulated door.

Which is best for you?

Temperature Control with indoor access:

Stay out of the elements when you visit your storage space!

Stay out of the elements when you visit your storage space!

Carts are provided to help move your items from your vehicle into your storage room.  The building is insulated and kept a moderate temperature year round for your comfort.  The roll up door to your room is accessed through a walk in door.  Hallways are well lit and on motion sensors.  Whatever the weather is outside, you will be comfortable inside.  Great for:

  • Organizing and Sorting items
  • Long term storage
  • Those who are moving a little at a time

Temperature Control with drive up access:

Drive up temperature control storage solutions are the best of both worlds!

Drive up temperature control storage solutions are the best of both worlds!

A benefit of drive up temperature control rooms is being able to pull up to the door, unload your vehicle, and complete the move without having to make trips down a hallway to get to your room.  It’s the convenience of standard storage with insulation to offer greater protection for your things.  Great for:

  • Extra business inventory that you need to get to quickly and easily
  • Pianos
  • Store your antique vehicle and more

If you wish you had extra room in your insulated garage or more square footage for your business without the high costs of moving, come take a look at our drive up temperature control storage in Tiffin or North Liberty.  Sizes range from 10 x 10 to 10 x 30.